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The Arts

Our dynamic Arts Learning Area is comprised of programs in Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and Media. Students develop foundation skills in the primary years before transitioning through to the secondary program where Arts becomes more specialised. In secondary, students may select Visual Arts, Drama and/or Music.


The Music program is diverse and engaging. Our students in years one to six build skills such as critical listening, performance strategies, rhythm and pitch and the specific vocabulary of music. They will also experiment with digital technology to enhance or create performances, and learn an instrument, such as ukulele, keyboard or xylophone. In high school, students can continue with General Music.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Waroona District High School offers all students from year one to year ten the opportunity to learn and refine techniques used to create art works. Students create a variety of art forms in the studio areas of drawing, painting, textiles, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture and explore a variety of art movements and their relevance in the production of art works.

By using the elements and principles of art to create artworks and knowledge of a variety of art styles, students create individual and unique artworks that reflect their own developing style.


Media is offered as an elective subject for years nine and ten. In this program, students learn the codes and conventions of a wide variety of media forms. Long and short projects are developed, and students work collaboratively and individually to research, produce and edit media pieces of their own to demonstrate their knowledge of how media shapes the world around us.


The Drama program commences in secondary school. Through analysis and performance of dramatic pieces, students build up skills across teamwork, vocals, improvisation, movement, characterisation and set production. Students explore historical forms of theatre and its evolution into the modern productions we see today. Students use scripts and improvisation to perform across different forms of drama.