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Secondary Deputy

The Waroona District High School Secondary section is a co-education facility that caters for students from years 7-10. Current enrolment numbers are steady in the mid 80’s.
We are committed to providing a comprehensive and relevant curriculum in the key learning areas, with literacy and numeracy as our major priorities. The core learning programs are further complimented with specialist Music/Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Wood and Metalwork, Robotics, Home Economics and Sports programs. Year 10’s also experience workplace learning throughout the year.
This is achieved in a safe, caring environment where individuals strive for success. High standards are set and support is provided to ensure that all students achieve their full potential. Partnerships between parents, teachers and students are highly valued and nurtured.
At Waroona District High School we believe it is important for students to develop strong bonds with the community and to make positive contributions, this is achieved through our highly acclaimed Bush Ranger Cadet Program.
Our secondary staff are committed to the Positive Behaviour Support Framework (commonly known as PBS). Just as schools rely on the direction provided by their academic curriculums, success with student discipline begins with clear behavioural expectations – a behavioural curriculum. These expectations are a vision of responsible student behaviour and social competence (defined by our CARES matrix). Staff provide regular feedback to students about their behavioural progress. Creating a school culture, where expected behaviours are the norm, requires that staff interact with students four times more frequently when they have engaged in appropriate behaviour than when the student is misbehaving.
These practices impact academic learning time and ultimately student achievement while ensuring a positive and welcoming learning environment. They represent the facets of classroom teaching, under the teacher’s control, that have been identified as evidence based practices to maximise learning for all students while minimising discipline problems.
Our yearly highlights are Country week, The High School dance, Bush Ranger Camps along with learning area incursions and excursions, ensuring a well-rounded quality educational experience for our students.