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Physical Education

Physical Education at Waroona District High School is an integral part of the students learning and development. The Primary School students start their day with twenty minutes of daily fitness, accommodating all ability levels. Research clearly indicates that regular physical activity plays an important role in the academic success of students.

Junior Primary Physical Education focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills. The students participate in basketball, football, tee-ball, netball, soccer, athletics, cricket and tennis to develop their fundamental movement skills.

Upper Primary Physical Education focuses on refining skills and attitudes towards physical activity. Students learn the correct concepts and strategies that enable them to compete in all Physical Education lessons. They participate in various sports, showing their knowledge and expertise in numerous carnivals throughout the year.

High School Physical Education focuses on acquiring the correct technique and explicit game strategies used in various sports. Students gain expertise in physical fitness and physical activities taught throughout the year. The high school students also have the opportunity to choose ‘Specialised Sport’ as an elective.

Specialised Sport Program

The curriculum based Specialised Sport Program is an extension of the standard Physical Education subject. This program is an elective for students in Years Seven to Ten. The program was designed to extend the knowledge and skill technique of a particular sport in Physical Education. The program also captures the goals and abilities of all students, focusing on improving your fitness levels. The program aims to engage all students through specialised coaching and umpiring courses, which in turn creates a wealth of knowledge shared within our community.