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Student Services

The Student Services Team provides strategic support to all students and their families so that the achievement and wellbeing of our young people can be maximised. The work of the Student Services Team, in partnership with families and our community, will support the personal, social, cultural and emotional development of our students. This provides the best opportunity for our students to be well and engaged with the safe, orderly and effective learning environment in our school.

The Student Services Team has implemented programs that support the development and engagement of our students. The following programs have been implemented:
 Rhythm 2 Recovery
 Chappos Corner
 Indigenous Cultural Camp Term 1, Week 2
 EdConnect (Mentoring/Tutoring)
 Breakfast Club (Daily)
 MacqLit (Literacy Program)
 Early Intervention (Primary)

Waroona District High School has a well experienced group of Mainstream and Special Needs Education Assistants who are dedicated to our students and their needs. All of our Education Assistants assist in the delivery of special educational programs while maintaining an encouraging, supportive and inclusive environment.

The Student Services Team consists of:

Student Services Manager (Taneika Handley)
The Student Services Manager works collaboratively with the teaching and non-teaching staff to provide a supportive and safe environment for our students. Where appropriate, they engage with families and the wider community to improve student engagement, positive behaviour and excellent attendance.

Engagement Officer – Jodie Bonner
The Engagement Officer provides support to those students who are disengaged at school. The Engagement Officer meets with parents and students to discuss the specific needs of the child and aids in the development of a personalised learning program where appropriate.

AEIO – Kellie Farmer
The Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer assists with the academic success and excellent attendance for our Aboriginal students.

School Psychologist – Jacqueline Conte
Our School Psychologist is available for consultation with students, staff, parents and interagency partners. Our School Psychologist assists with mental health issues, behaviour concerns, learning difficulties, social/emotional concerns and critical incidents.

School Chaplain – Rodney Van Dongen & Daniel Peck
The School Chaplain is responsible for providing pastoral care and social emotional comfort to all of our students.