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Message from Our Head Girl

My name is Caprice Franco. I am currently Head Girl in year 10 at WDHS.
I have been here for 3 years now and I’m loving every moment of it; the opportunities it has given me and as well as being able to call myself a role model to the other students at this school.
Some of my favourite memories have been things such as school camps and Country Week. Please give me lots of feedback! I have many more things planned, not only for the students but for everyone at WDHS such as the Student Councillors main event the School Dance.
I have enjoyed representing the school at memorial days; organizing and running school assemblies; attending Parliament House and helping out being a mentor for Lily so that she was able to participate at the school sports carnival. I try my best to listen to all the students at WDHS to help provide new ideas that come to mind to make this school even better. I love to hear feedback as the Student Council have many things planned for now and the future.
A little bit more about myself – I have 2 brothers, Fedele and Nikolas (Nik also attended this school). I am a local around town and have been for 15 years.
After my time at WDHS I will be moving on to an apprenticeship in Harvey at a hair salon. The school has supported me to pursue this pathway through their Workplace Learning program. I can’t wait to see what challenges and adventures life has to give me.